Benefits of Social and Emotional Learning

It is clear that understanding and managing one’s social and emotional situations well impacts learning outcomes. Academic and social issues are by no means mutually exclusive. There are five key social and emotional skills that children (and adults) can pick up – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision-making and relationship building. 

So, while social and emotional learning (SEL) is not a singular subject that is taught four or five times a week, it should actually be woven into most, or every aspect of the school curriculum. And let us share why SEL is so important to children and adults. 

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Social and Emotional Learning 101 for Parents (and Teachers!)

Parents, we feel you. It’s not easy to constantly worry about whether our children will grow up strong, healthy and to be a good person. Survival in this world is not enough – we need them to thrive. Unfortunately there is no winning formula to guarantee this. However, one of the tools we can equip our children with is social and emotional learning, to develop skills like empathy, communication and self-management. Such are the soft skills that will tide them through their daily lives and foster meaningful relationships. 

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Choosing the Right Preschool in a Post-Pandemic Era

We are facing a turning point in our COVID-19 journey. Across the world, there is a cautious optimism towards some semblance of normalcy. Borders have opened and so have our school doors. For parents of children who were toddlers in the thick of the pandemic, now’s the time to plan for their preschool education. 

How do parents prioritize safety and education? With the many preschools available, how can parents decide on the right preschool in times like these? 

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The importance of tracking school attendance and its impact on student safety

Why do schools focus so much on student attendance and implement punitive measures when students chronically do not show up? 

There are a few reasons beyond the simple one of attendance being the “rule”. Chronic absenteeism begins in the early ages. In fact, more than 10 per cent of kindergarten students and first graders are chronically absent (missing 10 per cent or more of school days). Students with high absenteeism rates are more likely to fall behind in math and reading, and dropping out of school later on. 

High rates of chronic absenteeism are reflective of a school’s culture. When attendance is de-prioritized, students’ morales may be diminished, affecting their affinity to school, a trait necessary for safe schools. Incorporating smart school management technology into school safety measures may therefore be a part of the solution in aiding the tracking of student attendance. 

When students' safety needs are met, the learning environment becomes comfortable and conducive. Schools are responsible for ensuring they are safe and accounted for during the day. 

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The Importance of Communication in Times like These

In current society, “times like these” would refer to the ongoing pandemic and any ongoing situation that has potential to disrupt children’s school and family lives. 

Strengthened communication, transparency and trust are key in not only keeping up with children’s school lives, but also any new infection control measures. It may be hard to keep up with their lives especially if they do not openly share how their days have gone. An open, two-way communication between parents and teachers will ensure that any feedback and concerns are addressed. 

Parents who have a good relationship with their children’s school have children that demonstrate the following behavior:

  • Greater class participation
  • Positive feelings towards school
  • Better grasp of learning material and improved academic performance
  • Reduced school-related stress

Some ways to strengthen communication between schools and parents include the following: 

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Say Hi to Gideon and Julianne, our Rainmakers!

Meet Gideon Sim and Julianne Ng, our LittleLives Rainmakers – they’re a little less weatherman/woman, and more of our awesome Business Development Executives!

They’re hear to lend an ear and counsel to our current and potential partners, and definitely ready to welcome you onboard the LittleLives family! 

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How Normal Is Normal?

To have a ‘normal’ child who understands what you say, laugh when you play with them, look at you when you call out their name, talk at the age that he or she is supposed to, is a dream of every parent. No parents can imagine their life with a child that is born special and needs extra assistance. All they did is to cherish, support and protect their child. 

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Choosing the right preschool for your child

At LittleLives, we’re all about helping parents. In fact, our software is a part of 180,000 parents’ day-to-day routines. Through our interactions with not just parents, but also teachers, we’ve found that the process of choosing a preschool is complex. It is also less about finding the perfect preschool, but more so the right preschool for your child. 


Starting school early can show you the type of support your child may need in the later years of their education. Your child may also be better equipped with the social skills to navigate kindergarten. 

So how do you choose the right preschool for your child? Read on to find out. 

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How to get children to care more for the environment

Amidst the current buzzwords of “environment”, “sustainability” and the latest, “carbon-neutral”, how well do children understand the urgency in caring for the earth?


It is promising that preschools are exposing students to environmental topics such as land pollution and reducing waste. Such mindsets towards the environment need to be ingrained from young. While there are a multitude of days dedicated to caring for the environment, such as World Water Day (22 March) and World Environment Day (5 June), it should take us more than just singular days in a year to shine a light on pressing environmental issues. 

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How much is too much tuition?

In an increasingly connected world, resources are much easier to access than before. This includes academic aids and knowledge at your fingertips, thanks to the internet and affordable electronic devices. Of course, a good education system and dedicated parental support contribute strongly to a high literacy rate. Parents would usually want the best for their children and wish for them to do their best in school. While grades may not be everything, working hard to do well from young sets a precedent for a positive work ethic in the future. 

But when is it too much? Are parents putting too much stress on their children? 


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Helping children manage their emotions

Like adults, children navigate social situations on a daily basis and need to learn to manage their emotions. It is important to start building emotional awareness and control early on, to help them better handle relationships and problem solve. 

It is hard enough for adults to recognise and understand emotions in themselves, let alone for children. Calming down when upset and describing one’s feelings requires much patience. This is where parents and teachers can come in to support them. With an adult’s guidance, children will progressively learn how to manage their feelings. 

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Teaching Children about Gender Equality

“Boys like blue and darker colors, and girls like pink”

“Girls are more vain than boys”

If you were to ask your children how boys and girls are different, what type of answers would you receive? These responses stem from them internalizing what they see and hear from parents, teachers and their environment. From engaging with their surroundings, children will mold their idea of gender roles and shape perceptions of what is “acceptable”. 

As adults near and dear to them, we are responsible for doing our best to provide them with a nurturing, empowering childhood. Don’t shy away from tough conversations. Instead, question things and push your children to understand why archaic gender norms should be shunned. 

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Let's Talk About Coronavirus, Baby

“Why are so many of my friends falling sick?” 

It’s been over two years into the global pandemic, and if you have children, chances are they would be fairly aware of the current situation. Schools have done their best to keep students up-to-date on the latest happenings, but does your child feel reassured? Does he or she know the reason behind the ongoing measures? 

Here’s how to talk about it.

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Keeping Schools Going During a Pandemic

It is no secret that schools are critical in children’s lives – academic, social and emotional. With the pandemic disrupting lessons and causing abrupt closures, we have to find a way to better live with COVID-19.

Here are some ways we can go about doing this.

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Help, I am a Parent and I Tested Positive for COVID-19. What's Next?

With large gatherings in many places paused or canceled at the moment, we may be entertainment-starved, missing live concerts, circuses, you name it. However, there is one other place you could check out mind-boggling juggling acts – right at home.

Working from home or office while caring for kids and keeping everyone physically AND mentally healthy is no mean feat. If the “worst” does happen and a parent/caregiver’s COVID-19 test shows up with double lines, what do you do?

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Blurred Lines Between Home and School; the Importance of Parent Involvement

This is our reality. Education cannot fall solely on schools and teachers. What we do know is this–children learn and develop best with the significant adults and leaders in their life. This is something we should keep in mind as we think about our current school structures. We need good relationships between schools and families to allow children to have a positive learning experience.

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8 Conflict Resolution Techniques in the School and Classroom

As a parent of a school-going child, meet-the-teacher sessions may uncover surprising, pleasant yet sometimes worrisome aspects of your kid. However, these encounters are always planned. Anticipated. Conversely, receiving a call in the middle of a workday, hearing the news that your child has been involved in a conflict, hits differently. Just imagine. One call turns to two, three, four, and more.

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Using Mobile App For School Management System

In many ways, technology has managed to transform our lives, and the importance of technology in schools cannot be overstated. In this digital age, technology has evolved to make our lives easier with having mobile applications to suit our daily needs. School management systems that have mobile applications technology seems to be a game changer that is revolutionizing the way schools are run. 

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4 Useful Reports to keep your school finances in control

With the rise of technology in the school management system, school staff and teachers have access to a sea of information within just a few clicks. We are aware how quick and easy it is now to access datas, at any time and anywhere. However, what's most important with using technology in the education system is understanding the types of datas that can be viewed or extracted from the system itself. 

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Top Priority Things that Parents Expect from Schools

Schooling in the current year has been vastly different from pre-pandemic days. Almost overnight, we realized that online learning was no longer a novelty or luxury, but a necessity. Like other industries, the education sector had to find a way to go contactless, while still keeping its people contactable. *Cue the advent of the school management system*

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Pricing Considerations for a School Management Software

This article will serve as a starting point for anyone considering purchasing new school management software or replacing existing software in their institution. It is applicable not only to schools, but also to colleges and other educational institutions. The 14 practical aspects involved in pricing and decision making during the purchase of school management software are detailed below.

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The Role of a School Management System in Student Growth

Widely accessible digital tools may have solved the problem of making data more accessible and easier to share, as compared to paper records. 

However, as some school owners are aware, this is often not enough to effectively manage all the aspects of school management that need to be digitalised. This includes, secure storage of students' personal data, transparent communication with parents, safe handling of fees and fee records, and a record of every school day.

As this year has taught us, a smart school management system can play a significant role in promoting personal growth in every student. So, how can a school management system help in a student’s educational growth?


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The Best School Management System for Everyone

The best school management system should benefit teachers, parents and students too. It should streamline the routine admin work, parent communication, student data and make teaching easier. Read on to learn what you should look out for when choosing the best possible school management system.

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Start The Academic Year with This Checklist For A School Management System

Every new school year brings a sense of excitement as schools get to refresh and restart their entire academy year. While there are plenty of things schools can work on to improve, having a school management system definitely helps schools kick things off.

Read more about: How to Start the School Year on the Right Note

As we prepare ourselves for another year in our classrooms, what are some things that are pending in our checklist in the school management system? Here are some of the items you can start paying attention to before your school year starts.

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Staff Management Process of LittleLives

First of all, why choose LittleLives as your school management system?

LittleLives is a smart school management system designed to make parents’ lives easier. It is the nervous system for schools around which other technologies are incorporated. It is a master plan to regulate administrative operations in a consolidated, integrated, efficient and smooth way to increase the productivity of the school, which ultimately benefits students and parents.

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School Fees Collection Made Easy For You

Fee collection is one of the most important responsibilities of the school administration team. Can this time-consuming task, however, be made easier? We have the answers for you.

Fee management and collection are critical functions of a school administration. Fees are collected on time, which allows the school to run smoothly. However, when fees are collected manually, human errors and miscalculations are unavoidable. Furthermore, calculating fees for each student on a monthly basis is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.

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4 Reasons Why Schools Should Invest In a School Management System

A school management system is the kind of platform that juggles multiple tasks across multiple schools, all of which require a single system. The key to successfully navigating the system is by preparing the administrators and teachers to carry out the necessary exploration. Understanding the software and features of each module will undoubtedly benefit the school.

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5 Considerations to Make When Choosing a School in Singapore

Singapore is considered to have one of the best school systems in the world, so parents who want to secure good education for their children are spoiled for choice in the city state. However, having a lot of good options can also make the selection process a challenging one, especially for families who are relocating to Singapore for work or for better academic opportunities for their children. On top of ensuring that their prospective school offers a suitable learning environment, they also need to check for programs that will allow their child to adjust well to their new surroundings. 

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How can Parents be More Involved in their Children’s School Life?

Your school-going children spend half their time on weekdays away from home, with their classmates and teachers. It may be hard to keep up with their lives especially if they do not openly share how their days have gone. In an ideal world, your children would be willing and able to share all aspects of their life with you. However, this may not be possible due to various reasons - they may not perceive certain topics to be worth sharing, they may forget after a full day of school, or perhaps they may find your well-intentioned questions as meddlesome.

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How can a School Management App and System Reduce Manual Workload?

Teachers are busy people. Educators repeat the daily grind of managing student data, handling parent communications, routine admin and most crucially, teaching. From crafting lesson plans, grading assignments and keeping track of students’ progress, teaching is no easy feat. However, the many tasks you face should not be a barrier to making education more “efficient”. 

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As a Parent, I Highly Recommend this School Management System

It has been a couple of years since this school management system has been introduced to the school where my child is learning at. While the school is known for its academic excellence and the quality of teaching that the teachers offer, I cannot deny the fact that the adopted school management system has helped me become more involved in my child’s progress as well as improved my relationship with the staff members.

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Using Technology to Run a School

Widely accessible digital tools may have solved the problem of making data more accessible and easier to share, as compared to paper records. However, as some school owners are aware, this is often not enough to effectively manage all the aspects of school management that need to be digitalised. This includes, secure storage of students' personal data, transparent communication with parents, safe handling of fees and fee records, a record of every school day.

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How the Role of Fatherhood has Evolved

The past two years have been an era of change. In that spirit, this week, we want to explore how something fundamental to all our lives has changed – fatherhood. Today, fathers aren't "secondary caregivers" anymore. Arguably, everything about the nature of fatherhood has changed: their responsibilities, their relationship with their children, how society sees them, and more.

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Online Reviews for Preschools: How to Get and Use Them

Online reviews are becoming increasingly a priority for businesses today. They’re especially important for industries built on trust like preschools and childcare centres. Parents conduct a majority of their preschool research on the web, and a study has shown that 93% of consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

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Increasing your School's Online Presence

Schools are complex environments that see non-stop action. You have parents dropping off kids, teachers rushing between classes, administrators doing data entry, maintenance staff up-keeping the school premises, students tearing off across the corridors and playing fields.

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How Do I Know if My Baby is Healthy?

As parents, we spend a lot of time worrying about our children from the time they are born. Today, I am reassuring you that it is perfectly normal for new moms and dads to worry if their baby's developmental milestones are on track.

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How Can I Help My Child Prepare For Preschool?

Preschool is the start of your child's educational journey. It is a great place for children to learn to share, to take turns, and follow rules, and interact with peers their age. It also prepares them for kindergarten and beyond.

For both parent and child, going to preschool can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. As a result, parents may be tempted to start preparing months in advance. While all this preparation may help parents feel in control, it can be overwhelming for the child.

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Stay-At-Home Dad: Carlos Mari

Almost 4 years ago, Carlos Mari made the choice to stay home as a full-time father to take care of his newborn daughter, Carla. Since then, he has created AMIGO Dads, an all-inclusive playgroup and a platform for stay-at-home dads. Curious about this part-time superhero and full-time dad? We were! So we went down to an AMIGO Dads play-date and had our questions answered.

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Getting Started on Outdoor Learning

It is important for children to enjoy regular, frequent and meaningful outdoor learning opportunities to play, explore and learn in natural environments or urban outdoor spaces. The outdoors offers a breath of fresh air and rich sensory experiences to support their growth and development.

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3 Things to Achieve in a Parent-Teacher Conference

The parent-teacher conference is a precious opportunity for your school. It is one of the few opportunities that your educators get to connect with parents face-to-face and get a solid block of time to discuss each student in depth. Parent-teacher conferences are often only conducted 1 to 3 times a year, so it is crucial for your school staff to have clear goals going in.

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Benefits of a Cloud-Based School Management System

Many schools have already switched to cloud storage, which makes accessing data quick and easy. The COVID-19 situation has shown the world that it is possible to study and work remotely using an optimized storage system. Starting to use the school ERP system, you will immediately notice how convenient it is when many processes have become computerized. You will be able to track such data as attendance, student information, schedule, and much more. Having all the data in a mobile phone can greatly simplify the process of communication between teachers and students. Further, we will tell you more details about all the benefits that you will get by going to the school ERP system.

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What are the Advantages of Having ERP School Software?

ERP software, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a tool that schools can use to manage their daily administrative needs such as attendance-taking, incident recording, finance-tracking, parent communication, portfolio generation, and more. Having a comprehensive system to streamline all of your school’s admin can improve how you run your business as well as improve parents updating and  satisfaction levels.

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How to Make a Smart and Secure School?

When organising school security, it is vital to consider various factors. The security company should thoroughly inspect the school to determine the necessary security measures, such as the height of the windows on the first floor and the area surrounding the school.

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3 Ways to Boost Parent-Teacher Communication

Good parent-teacher communication is a two-way street. It's built on respect and a willingness to be honest and compassionate. While mutual effort is expected here, there are a few things that your school can do to set the right tone for how you and your students' parents communicate with each other.

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4 Tips for Updating Parents

Find out how LittleLives can help you can save time and keep your families informed during COVID-19.

With COVID-19 conditions changing from time to time, it is vital to keep families informed and updated, whether your school is open, in the process of reopening, or choosing not to for risk of future closure.

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