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Build Confidence as a New Leader

Teachers are leaders by profession. Through the way you behave and by nature of the work you do - leading students through personal and learning challenges - you lead by example. 

There are also a range of leadership opportunities outside of the classroom. From being form teacher, head of department, director and more, taking on these roles can be challenging regardless of age and experience. Here are some tips to become a more confident leader:

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Taking steps towards better mental health

There has been much discussion about mental health and in the education sector, the mental wellbeing of teachers in recent months. Singapore-based teachers, for example, have faced pressure to pivot to online learning quickly over the last couple of years, manage parents’ expectations and juggle COVID-related administrative matters on top of an already-heavy workload. 

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Overcoming Challenges in Teachers' Professional Development

Research on adult learning has shown a disconnect between research-based practices and traditional professional development models in educational institutions. However, with a modern, virtual approach to professional development, we can tackle the following challenges in teachers’ professional development to provide more innovative and personalized learning solutions. 

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Challenges of Professional Development

Students and teachers should strive for a meaningful learning experience. However this is an ambitious vision for learning and teaching. Investments in professional development have often been ineffective. What are some common challenges schools and teachers face in their professional development and how can we tackle this?

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5 Ways to Break the Habit of Ineffective Professional Development for Teachers

Professional development for teachers is a programme that takes into account teachers’ performance evaluation. This can improve their work and student achievement. However, many systems may invest in professional development as part of a templated checklist, without much consideration of its effectiveness or how it fits into the school’s or education system’s wider goals. 

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How to support educators’ goals in child care

Early childhood education educators are exceptional. They do so many things – teach, facilitate social and emotional learning and are working professionals with career development goals. Having clear career goals in mind can help teachers continue being motivated and be more effective at their job. 

Early childhood education and care centres / schools should regularly evaluate and develop each staff’s individual performance plans. With professional development planned and secured, educators would be more likely to stay in their role. 

So how does setting educators up for success look like? Read on to find out. 

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Barriers to teachers’ professional development in fragile contexts

What is a “fragile context” and how would that impact teachers’ professional development? UNICEF defines a fragile context as one with an accumulation and combination of risks as a result of context-specific underlying causes combined with insufficient coping capacity of the state, system and/or communities to manage, absorb or mitigate those risks. 

Teachers in these situations fight different battles every day and on top of that, face barriers to obtaining proper professional development. 

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Tips for a Successful Home-School Partnership

In a partnership, it takes two hands to clap. Research has shown that teachers play a huge role in determining the level of family involvement in children’s education. However, involving parents in their students’ education might be challenging for teachers. 

Therefore, here are some tips to help teachers facilitate strong home-school partnerships. 

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