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How to get children to care more for the environment

Amidst the current buzzwords of “environment”, “sustainability” and the latest, “carbon-neutral”, how well do children understand the urgency in caring for the earth?


It is promising that preschools are exposing students to environmental topics such as land pollution and reducing waste. Such mindsets towards the environment need to be ingrained from young. While there are a multitude of days dedicated to caring for the environment, such as World Water Day (22 March) and World Environment Day (5 June), it should take us more than just singular days in a year to shine a light on pressing environmental issues. 

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How much is too much tuition?

In an increasingly connected world, resources are much easier to access than before. This includes academic aids and knowledge at your fingertips, thanks to the internet and affordable electronic devices. Of course, a good education system and dedicated parental support contribute strongly to a high literacy rate. Parents would usually want the best for their children and wish for them to do their best in school. While grades may not be everything, working hard to do well from young sets a precedent for a positive work ethic in the future. 

But when is it too much? Are parents putting too much stress on their children? 


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Helping children manage their emotions

Like adults, children navigate social situations on a daily basis and need to learn to manage their emotions. It is important to start building emotional awareness and control early on, to help them better handle relationships and problem solve. 

It is hard enough for adults to recognise and understand emotions in themselves, let alone for children. Calming down when upset and describing one’s feelings requires much patience. This is where parents and teachers can come in to support them. With an adult’s guidance, children will progressively learn how to manage their feelings. 

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Teaching Children about Gender Equality

“Boys like blue and darker colors, and girls like pink”

“Girls are more vain than boys”

If you were to ask your children how boys and girls are different, what type of answers would you receive? These responses stem from them internalizing what they see and hear from parents, teachers and their environment. From engaging with their surroundings, children will mold their idea of gender roles and shape perceptions of what is “acceptable”. 

As adults near and dear to them, we are responsible for doing our best to provide them with a nurturing, empowering childhood. Don’t shy away from tough conversations. Instead, question things and push your children to understand why archaic gender norms should be shunned. 

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Let's Talk About Coronavirus, Baby

“Why are so many of my friends falling sick?” 

It’s been over two years into the global pandemic, and if you have children, chances are they would be fairly aware of the current situation. Schools have done their best to keep students up-to-date on the latest happenings, but does your child feel reassured? Does he or she know the reason behind the ongoing measures? 

Here’s how to talk about it.

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Keeping Schools Going During a Pandemic

It is no secret that schools are critical in children’s lives – academic, social and emotional. With the pandemic disrupting lessons and causing abrupt closures, we have to find a way to better live with COVID-19.

Here are some ways we can go about doing this.

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Help, I am a Parent and I Tested Positive for COVID-19. What's Next?

With large gatherings in many places paused or canceled at the moment, we may be entertainment-starved, missing live concerts, circuses, you name it. However, there is one other place you could check out mind-boggling juggling acts – right at home.

Working from home or office while caring for kids and keeping everyone physically AND mentally healthy is no mean feat. If the “worst” does happen and a parent/caregiver’s COVID-19 test shows up with double lines, what do you do?

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Blurred Lines Between Home and School; the Importance of Parent Involvement

This is our reality. Education cannot fall solely on schools and teachers. What we do know is this–children learn and develop best with the significant adults and leaders in their life. This is something we should keep in mind as we think about our current school structures. We need good relationships between schools and families to allow children to have a positive learning experience.

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8 Conflict Resolution Techniques in the School and Classroom

As a parent of a school-going child, meet-the-teacher sessions may uncover surprising, pleasant yet sometimes worrisome aspects of your kid. However, these encounters are always planned. Anticipated. Conversely, receiving a call in the middle of a workday, hearing the news that your child has been involved in a conflict, hits differently. Just imagine. One call turns to two, three, four, and more.

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