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Menaka Arasu

Using Technology to Run a School

Widely accessible digital tools may have solved the problem of making data more accessible and easier to share, as compared to paper records. However, as some school owners are aware, this is often not enough to effectively manage all the aspects of school management that need to be digitalised. This includes, secure storage of students' personal data, transparent communication with parents, safe handling of fees and fee records, a record of every school day.

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How the Role of Fatherhood has Evolved

The past two years have been an era of change. In that spirit, this week, we want to explore how something fundamental to all our lives has changed – fatherhood. Today, fathers aren't "secondary caregivers" anymore. Arguably, everything about the nature of fatherhood has changed: their responsibilities, their relationship with their children, how society sees them, and more.

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Stay-At-Home Dad: Carlos Mari

Almost 4 years ago, Carlos Mari made the choice to stay home as a full-time father to take care of his newborn daughter, Carla. Since then, he has created AMIGO Dads, an all-inclusive playgroup and a platform for stay-at-home dads. Curious about this part-time superhero and full-time dad? We were! So we went down to an AMIGO Dads play-date and had our questions answered.

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