Meet Kyoko, our LittleLives Designer!

Tell us a little about yourself! 

I'm Kyoko Asai, a UI/UX Designer. I like to say that I am physically Japanese but spiritually Singaporean. I love designs, especially in the area of printmaking. I play bass in a band, Summoner in Final Fantasy XIV. Love cats and hope to have one in the future. 

What did you do before joining LittleLives? 

I worked as a Senior Designer in a branding agency, setting up visual systems with logos, icons, images, layouts and other collateral. 

Why did you join LittleLives? 

My good friend recommended LittleLives to me! That made me curious about apps and digital designs, and I also felt it was due time to gain new work experiences. I’m still here as I feel that I am still learning things every day. 

Could you share more with your readers about your responsibilities as a Designer? 

My work here as a Designer is basically making the app pleasant for everyone to use – to make things visually easy to understand (optimizing UI, or user interface) and logically easy to understand (UX, or user experience). 

Do you work with LittleLives team members in other countries? If yes, how so!

I work closely with our cool tech team in Vietnam. Besides communicating via video/voice calls or text chats, the design tools we use are collaborative so it is very handy to remotely share what we have designed with them. 

What has been your favorite project in LittleLives to date? 

I distinctly remember my first time working on a digital campaign banner for Teacher’s Day. I learnt a lot through that experience too, such as designing artwork to cater to different digital devices.  

What are some common challenges that designers face at work? 

Probably finding the best solutions on our own, because there is no clear “right” or “wrong” answer. What we feel works best might not be so, from a technical angle or to certain users, so we often need to keep our mind open and make it work in hopefully the most usable & feasible manner. 

Share your favorite quote and why it means so much to you!

To see a World in a grain of sand, and a Heaven in a wild flower, hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, and Eternity in an hour. It's from a poem by William Blake, and from this I remind myself to always appreciate small things in life.