Start The Academic Year with This Checklist For A School Management System

As the academic year begins, it's important to have a well-organized and efficient school management system in place to ensure a smooth and successful start to the year. 

There are several key elements that schools need in a school management system to prepare for the new year:

Student and teacher records

Schools need a system for storing and organizing student and teacher records, including contact information, emergency contact information, grades, and attendance data.

Communication channels

Schools need reliable and effective communication channels, such as a website, email, and social media accounts, to keep students, teachers, and parents informed and connected.

Online learning platform

If the school is using an online learning platform, it needs to be set up and functioning properly, with features such as video conferencing, file sharing, and assignment submission.

Compliance with data and policies

Ensure that all your legal documents are up to date and updated to the latest academic year. Also ensure that your school management system does not compromise personal data. 

Event organization and scheduling

Schools need to plan and schedule important events for the year, such as parent-teacher conferences, school plays, and field trips.

School calendar

Schools need a comprehensive school calendar that includes important dates, such as holidays, test dates, and special events, and communicates this calendar to all relevant stakeholders.

By having these elements in place, schools can ensure that they are well-prepared for the start of the new year and set the stage for a smooth and successful year ahead. Why not check out LittleLives, a digital school system that can help transition into a smart school at the start of the new year that helps reduce operation costs and time, increasing efficiency and productivity for your school and teachers. Parents get a separate parent app that allows them to be actively involved in their child’s progress too. Contact them now to find out more information!