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5 Considerations to Make When Choosing a School in Singapore

Singapore is considered to have one of the best school systems in the world, so parents who want to secure good education for their children are spoiled for choice in the city state. However, having a lot of good options can also make the selection process a challenging one, especially for families who are relocating to Singapore for work or for better academic opportunities for their children. On top of ensuring that their prospective school offers a suitable learning environment, they also need to check for programs that will allow their child to adjust well to their new surroundings. 

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How can Parents be More Involved in their Children’s School Life?

Your school-going children spend half their time on weekdays away from home, with their classmates and teachers. It may be hard to keep up with their lives especially if they do not openly share how their days have gone. In an ideal world, your children would be willing and able to share all aspects of their life with you. However, this may not be possible due to various reasons - they may not perceive certain topics to be worth sharing, they may forget after a full day of school, or perhaps they may find your well-intentioned questions as meddlesome.

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As a Parent, I Highly Recommend this School Management System

It has been a couple of years since this school management system has been introduced to the school where my child is learning at. While the school is known for its academic excellence and the quality of teaching that the teachers offer, I cannot deny the fact that the adopted school management system has helped me become more involved in my child’s progress as well as improved my relationship with the staff members.

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How the Role of Fatherhood has Evolved

The past two years have been an era of change. In that spirit, this week, we want to explore how something fundamental to all our lives has changed – fatherhood. Today, fathers aren't "secondary caregivers" anymore. Arguably, everything about the nature of fatherhood has changed: their responsibilities, their relationship with their children, how society sees them, and more.

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