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Teaching Children about Gender Equality

“Boys like blue and darker colors, and girls like pink”

“Girls are more vain than boys”

If you were to ask your children how boys and girls are different, what type of answers would you receive? These responses stem from them internalizing what they see and hear from parents, teachers and their environment. From engaging with their surroundings, children will mold their idea of gender roles and shape perceptions of what is “acceptable”. 

As adults near and dear to them, we are responsible for doing our best to provide them with a nurturing, empowering childhood. Don’t shy away from tough conversations. Instead, question things and push your children to understand why archaic gender norms should be shunned. 

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Keeping Schools Going During a Pandemic

It is no secret that schools are critical in children’s lives – academic, social and emotional. With the pandemic disrupting lessons and causing abrupt closures, we have to find a way to better live with COVID-19.

Here are some ways we can go about doing this.

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Using Mobile App For School Management System

In many ways, technology has managed to transform our lives, and the importance of technology in schools cannot be overstated. In this digital age, technology has evolved to make our lives easier with having mobile applications to suit our daily needs. School management systems that have mobile applications technology seems to be a game changer that is revolutionizing the way schools are run. 

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4 Useful Reports to keep your school finances in control

With the rise of technology in the school management system, school staff and teachers have access to a sea of information within just a few clicks. We are aware how quick and easy it is now to access datas, at any time and anywhere. However, what's most important with using technology in the education system is understanding the types of datas that can be viewed or extracted from the system itself. 

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