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Say Hi to Gideon and Julianne, our Rainmakers!

Meet Gideon Sim and Julianne Ng, our LittleLives Rainmakers – they’re a little less weatherman/woman, and more of our awesome Business Development Executives!

They’re hear to lend an ear and counsel to our current and potential partners, and definitely ready to welcome you onboard the LittleLives family! 

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Stay-At-Home Dad: Carlos Mari

Almost 4 years ago, Carlos Mari made the choice to stay home as a full-time father to take care of his newborn daughter, Carla. Since then, he has created AMIGO Dads, an all-inclusive playgroup and a platform for stay-at-home dads. Curious about this part-time superhero and full-time dad? We were! So we went down to an AMIGO Dads play-date and had our questions answered.

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