4 Useful Reports to keep your school finances in control

With the rise of technology in the school management system, school staff and teachers have access to a sea of information within just a few clicks. We are aware how quick and easy it is now to access datas, at any time and anywhere. However, what's most important with using technology in the education system is understanding the types of datas that can be viewed or extracted from the system itself. 

While every school is managed differently, there are still some basic reports that every school should keep track of in order to effectively manage their finances.

So let’s take a look at some of the most useful reports that can be used to keep school finances in control.


Fee Reports

Generating reports is one of the most essential features in a school management system. Hence, having a software that provides assistance to the administrators by generating fee reports is such a helpful feature. Administrators can now easily track payment collection in schools, when parents have made those payments.

Utilizing the fee report feature for accounting purposes has really helped many schools to save time and manage finance effectively. It assists schools in reducing paperwork and is able to issue receipts through email or we’ll share it via the Little Family Room App.

Invoice List

Keeping track of invoice lists used to be done manually or in an excel file-based system. Good news is that, with LittleLives, administrators can now track down invoice lists within just a few clicks. Invoice lists can be obtained from different periods of time, you just need to key in a start date and an end date --and there you go. Quick, easy and simplified. 

Apart from that, datas can also be accessed at any time and anywhere using your device. While automated reporting has increased the productivity of schools, it also helps in eliminating errors that occur during a manual calculation. 

Banking Summary

A school management system is capable of managing every activity that goes in or out of the schools financial account. Think of a banking summary, like a log book. Where you are able to tally your financial activity with your bank account. The only difference is that it is now safely stored online within the system.

This is not only easier to manage, but it is also more secure because all data is stored and recorded within the cloud-based system.

Debtor’s Summary & Report

Manual calculation of fee paid and dues, will undoubtedly lead to more chaos and errors. Don’t worry! You can now solve this problem with the help of a fee management system. LittleLives provides a simple solution that saves up time and effort, by generating a Debtor’s summary & report. 

The software not only provides information on the fee paid, but it also generates pending fee reports, which can help you contact parents who have not paid their dues. Admins now have one less thing to worry about when it comes to collecting fee payments!


LittleLives fee management software provides an easy and convenient way for schools to manage their fee collection process. Our app offers a user-friendly interface that allows parents to track the daily activities of their child and also of the school’s latest news and updates. 

With using LittleLives, parents and teachers can easily automate reminders, receipts and announcements. As a result, manual or traditional fee payments are no longer applicable in this situation.

If you are still looking for a system that works well and meets the needs of your school’s operations, get in touch with LittleLives to see how we can help!