Dear Parents, It's OK to Take a Minute for Yourself


While your child may seem to be your whole world at times, do remember that beyond every planet, lies a universe with much to offer. And that is you. 


Take some time to care for yourself – self-care is the best care after all, and you may find your relationships with your child and partner reaping the benefits.

Look after yourself

Nurturing a child is important, but taking care of yourself is equally crucial. Looking after your own physical, mental and emotional needs builds a more resilient you, and a safe space for your child to grow and thrive.

Remind yourself that it is OK to take a few minutes, hours or perhaps a day to yourself – do something you enjoy, or that helps you relax. In the short and long runs, looking after yourself is worth it. After all, the sanctuary you hope to build around your child is dependent on the strength of its foundation, and you are at its core.

  1. Maintain an active lifestyle - a stroll, run, or team sports – keep moving to feel better
  2. Put thought into your diet - we’re not advocating decimating your food intake, but rather, having more simple, healthy food that can energize you (e.g. fresh vegetables, wholegrain foods)
  3. Rest well, and rest sufficiently - ‘nuff said

Look after your partner and your relationship


A strong support system for yourself is important too. Remember to care for your relationships with your partner, to maximize yourselves as parents and partners. There will always be times when you may disagree on how to raise your child or struggle. A simple trigger like a rough night’s sleep could easily snowball into an argument. 

Conflict is unavoidable, and happiness is not guaranteed even if you resolve every disagreement. Your relationship will be stronger if you can disagree without resorting to shouting, name-calling, or worse. 

It can be easy to get caught up in the everyday routine. However, keeping an open line of communication with your partner will help in coping with relationship challenges. Overcome these challenges by just talking. Find pockets of time – perhaps when running errands together, when your child has gone to bed – to connect with each other. 

Stress is normal

It is normal to feel stressed and perhaps overwhelmed from time to time. Juggling your personal life, career and child is no easy feat. While staying on track with your various schedules can be a chore, your child’s school can actually help a little (or more). 

Digital school management systems incorporate event listings and direct chat functions with teachers, for easy access to the school’s resources. You could even obtain live updates on how your child is doing in class. For more information on this tool, read on at LittleLives. Features in LittleLives can help you ease your stress on your child's day as you go about yours. 

It is also important to learn your preferred stress management techniques. And know that asking for help is not an admission of defeat, but a demonstration of self-awareness. We hope that you do not feel alone in your parenting journey, and know that there are resources in the community that may help.