Here to Guide Us in our LittleLives Journey, is our Angel, Husna!

Let’s meet Husna, a fellow LittleLives Angel! She is Lena’s colleague and here to give us her perspective on what the Angels, or Account Managers, do! 

LL Angel_Husna Halim 2

Tell us a little about yourself! 

I am Husna Halim, one of the Account Managers (Angels) based in Malaysia. I’d say I am a pretty simple person who enjoys the little things in life. I’m also a cat mom! 

What did you do before joining LittleLives? 

I was in the education sector as well, but back then, as a teacher! I’ve also had experience working in customer service and e-commerce. Along the way in my professional journey, I discovered my passion in connecting with people, and here I am now!

Why did you join LittleLives? And more importantly, why did you stay in LittleLives?

I was not a tech-savvy person by any means. I used to be very technology-averse as I found it hard to understand. However, when I got the opportunity to join LittleLives two years ago, I knew it was time to get out of my comfort zone. 

I love my team! The support I’ve received from them has been a huge help!

In your own words,  what is a creative way to describe your role as an Angel? 

I quite like it when I introduce myself to new clients as an Angel. Although we have no wings, we surely will do our best to guide you through the LittleLives journey. 

What's a typical day at work like for you? 

My typical day at work is usually filled with coffee, trainings and meetings. Yes, I need my coffee first! Haha. One thing to flex is that I get to work with product development! It is really fun, getting to do product tests to help our clients with their needs. 

What do you most look forward to at LittleLives, now that safety measures are relaxing and people are out and about once again? 

I look forward to the next company’s event when all of us can finally meet in person, especially colleagues and clients that I have been working with but never actually seen. Hehe

Have there been any weird / challenging moments at work? 

Yes, of course. When I first joined the company, I found it hard to reach out to and engage clients – it was a challenge for them to remember my name, even. However I worked to improve myself to be more resourceful and knowledgeable and this helped to build trust between me and our clients, making things easier. 

Share your favorite mantra!

Every day is a new beginning.