Importance of a Secure School Management System

When we think of school management systems, what comes to mind?

For our teachers, perhaps greater convenience. 

For students, easier interactions with one another and more learning. 

And parents, constant updates of their child’s progress. 

While these are key benefits of a digital school management system, let’s not forget that data protection and security is also a key advantage of such an implementation.

In this era of digital pretty-much-everything, sharing our personal information with websites or servers may be a requirement. If not properly protected, our personal data may be compromised. Data protection is the safeguarding of important data from compromise, unauthorised access or usage, while also being restorable. 

These days, schools’ admin work, parent communication, enrolment and student data management can easily be streamlined by a school management system. Schools should opt for a system with guaranteed security, in order to keep its information safe.


Protect data and privacy of students and teachers

A comprehensive school management system would have multi-faceted capabilities. With this many features, a wealth of data would need to be stored within its cloud. Students and teachers should feel confident that their school is able to protect their information and provide a safe space to learn and teach. For example, students’ progress and grades would be stored in the system and should be kept private. 

Secure fee transactions

In the case of parents and teachers, digital payment via a cloud-based school management system has its many advantages - no cash transactions are needed and payment reminders can be scheduled. With their financial records on the system, parents would also have a vested interest in keeping their information safe. Schools can also eliminate risks associated with keeping credit/debit card details. They do not have to constantly update the database when card details become outdated.

All payment transactions will be stored online and be consistently recorded and always accessible. School administrators would be able to easily track and trace all transactions and generate reports for audit purposes. 

By cutting time spent on such paperwork, schools using secure systems would have an edge over others that have yet to make this leap.


Prevent unauthorised access

As a potential gateway to much data, how do we keep out potential hackers or people trying to access confidential information?

Secure and effective school management systems reduce human interaction and hence human error in processes. Digital authorisations can be easily granted and revoked, while also keeping track of users’ activity histories. With a dashboard, you can be alerted to any irregular access or system issues.

Build a school culture that values data privacy, security and accountability

TLDR; choose a robust school management system that values data privacy and allow only authorised parties to access certain information they should be privy to. 

A smart and secure school management system is designed to make parents’ lives easier. It is the nervous system for schools around which other technologies are incorporated. It is a master plan to regulate administrative operations in a consolidated, safe, efficient and smooth way to increase the productivity of the school, which ultimately benefits students and parents.

If you are still looking for a system that will work well for your school's operations, you can contact LittleLives to see how we can help!