Let’s say “Halo” to our LittleLives Angel, Lena!

This month, we dive a little deeper into what our fellow Angels, or Account Managers, do! As their title suggests, they’re here to offer some guidance to our clients, to help them make the most of LittleLives. Today, we meet Lena Ng!

Tell us a little about yourself! 

Hi there, I’m Lena, Head of Angels' team in Singapore. I love everything to do with Art - in all domains, and I love reading too! I have a hamster as a pet, but I really want a cat sometime :D

What did you do before joining LittleLives? 

I also worked with clients, and in the tech industry - but for hotels! 

Why did you join LittleLives? And more importantly, why did you stay in LittleLives?

I joined because LittleLives looked like a fun place to work at (spoiler alert; it truly is!), and the job scope is what I'm good at! I 100% stayed due to the supportive team and vast learning opportunities offered to me and my team. I welcome any chance to grow, professionally and personally :)

In your own words,  what is a creative way to describe your role as an Angel? 

We're your Guardian Angels - always watching over you and making sure you're well taken care of ;)

What's a typical day at work like for you? What professional skills do you get to flex when at work!

Apart from meetings and emails, meetings and emails? JK hahaha. 

We actually do all sorts of planning other than the day-to-day work of taking care of our clients. We will always have a few ongoing projects to improve our standards and bring more value to the clients.

What do you most look forward to at LittleLives, now that safety measures are relaxing and people are out and about once again?

Oh I really can't wait to meet more clients in real life, these two years we've been communicating online so much - I almost forgot how to dress up properly for a professional meeting! That aside, in our industry, it is a joy to meet our young clients, the daily users of our products and services. 

Have there been any weird / challenging moments at work? 

Hmm, we do meet some less-than-friendly clients, especially when misunderstandings occur! However, that’s why the Angels are here - we strive to build a stronger relationship with all clients and it’s always great to know each of them better over time.  

Share your favorite quote / mantra and why it means so much to you!

One of my favorites is from Alice in Wonderland, something the Red Queen said to Alice - "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” 

I feel it really motivates me and reminds me to keep moving forward.