Optimise School Operations with a Budget-Friendly School Management Software

From day-to-day operations and daily administrative tasks, operating a school is no easy feat. 

That is precisely what a digital school management system can assist schools with. Having a school management system can help you run your school better and increase parent satisfaction. Let's get started.

What are the Benefits of a School Management Software?

1. Prioritise Teaching

With technology in place, teachers are able to free more time to focus on teaching their students. With numerous features such as a digital Portfolio to an automated evaluation progress, teachers can worry less when it comes to preparing the above.

With LittleLives, for example, schools can record daily observations and convert them into beautiful photos to share with parents on the LittleLives app. They no longer need to jot down or remember information when they can simply do it on the spot.

By digitising daily routines, schools can focus on enhancing their quality, provide better quality education and reduce time and cost overall; increasing data security, convenience and faster processes to your school.

2. Secured Data and Upkeep

Students, parents and staff personal information is especially sensitive. Investing in school management technology that is committed to protecting your school's and students' personal information is therefore critical, as these companies are required to follow PDPA and GDPR guidelines, as well as guidelines established by the local education ministry to regulate education technologies. A modern security system will ensure the reliability of data storage as well.

3. Enhance Home-and-School Relationships

Certain school management systems, such as LittleLives, include built-in parent communication features that aid in the development of strong home-school bonds. For example, LittleLives has both active and passive communication lines: the school can actively communicate with parents actively through private chats or over schoolwide broadcast messages, as well as passively update the children’s learning progress for the parents to access at any time through the Portfolio feature. Close home-school collaboration, facilitated by technology, has been shown to improve students' enthusiasm for school as well as their overall performance.

Mother helping her children to do their homework in a living room

School Management Software at an Unrivalled Low Cost

LittleLives: The leading school management system that automates schools with its customised end-to-end solutions. It has dedicated solutions for Attendance, Portfolio, Communications, Fee, Health, an app for parents and so much more. These features help over 1,300 schools around the world in various countries. The latest Evaluation feature allows schools to easily upload and update students evaluation progress easily in an interactive manner. Based in Singapore, LittleLives has expanded its reach and has regional offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, and China with different packages for schools to cater to their needs. Each package includes primary features along with specific features that schools need. Pricing is affordable and quality is consistent throughout all packages, making it the trusted choice for schools globally.

For more information, visit LittleLives website or reach out to get started!