Overcoming Challenges in Teachers' Professional Development

Research on adult learning has shown a disconnect between research-based practices and traditional professional development models in educational institutions. However, with a modern, virtual approach to professional development, we can tackle the following challenges in teachers’ professional development to provide more innovative and personalized learning solutions. 

Overcoming Challenges in Teachers Professional Development

Trust in the process

Teachers may feel unhappy with having to sit through one-size-fits-all the professional development courses; programmes that are relevant, problem-centered and easily applied would be better-received. Each staff has his/her unique challenges, needs and professional goals. Be it being certified in a particular skill, or learning how to navigate certain classroom scenarios, training should be a valuable use of time for all attendees. 

This is where learning needs analysis comes in useful. A dynamic performance management system helps to track employee performance to match professional development courses, identify learning gaps and even help with leadership succession planning. 

Accessibility and longevity

In a digital-first world, professional development opportunities need to be accessible and continuously evolving. Also, teachers may view training as time-intensive and be hesitant to commit. Therefore, making learning as bite-sized as possible – microlearning – would allow for on-demand e-learning programmes to be embedded into teachers’ jobs and allow for flexible learning. Teachers can hence find pockets of time during their work day to engage in meaningful learning. 

Teachers have so much on their plates, so if there is a way to make training as easy to conduct and complete as possible, this would make training more sustainable.

Resource limitations


Curating an effective and engaging professional development experience can be resource-intensive. Especially in earlier times when multiple courses were carried out over various locations, teachers may face scheduling conflicts, a need for varied levels of training and a form of evaluation by leaders to review how well teachers are doing after professional development. 

For schools who are looking for a talent management system that helps with organising e-learning content, reduces time for learning and development, unlimited access to -learning resources, is cost-efficient and helps map professional development journeys, one option would be LittleAcademy by LittleLives. 

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