Top 5 School Management Systems in Singapore

Technology has moved education up the growth ladder by leaps and bounds. You no longer need to do the mundane tasks in the school on your own. You can rely on these fantastic software systems - smart school management systems.

A school management software changes schools into brilliant schools that are consistently the favored decision for new age guardians. Quick communications, transparent operations, and flawless administration can put your school ahead in the group of smart schools.

They are centralised cloud-based software systems that are used to run a school quickly and efficiently by automating the operations in the front office as well as the back office. They fasten the processes and remove the bottlenecks so that the school can run smoothly and profitably.

In order to figure out the best school management software for your school, you need to take into account every important stakeholder – principal, administration staff, management, students, parents, and teachers.

For better management

For teachers and admins

For parents and students

Staff record training

Class wise performance training

Smooth & quick communication

Data analysis and reports

Financial data analysis

Teacher activity analysis & tracking

Lesson wise progress tracking

Student’s performance tracking

Attendance and leave management

Student details access

Quicker communication

Classroom activity records

Information access

Quick communication access

Live class options

Online test options

Homework and classroom access

Live class options

Learning resource access

Online fee payment options

Lesson program access

Here are the top 5 school management systems Singapore!

1. LittleLives

LittleLives easy-to-use school management system is designed for schools to monitor and analyze data related to students, staff, parents and daily administration. 

LittleLives holistic school management system was built to simplify the tedious and complex administrative processes of schools.

LittleLives has been a provider for over 1300 preschools across Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, and Thailand. In 2019, LittleLives expanded their reach to the Philippines and Canada, and partnered with DBS to launch a digital cashless payment solution to preschools. Today, they serve over 20,000 educators, 200,000 parents and 120,000 children. 

2. Qoqolo School Management System

Qoqolo is a preschool management system that helps to lessen teachers’ workload through paperless documentation and communication. It is easy to use, provides paperless storage and supports multi-languages.

With Qoqolo, teachers can organise students’ information such as attendance reports and health records, generate progress reports, share photos and class activities with parents, as well as manage staff information and centre operations.

Teachers are more productive when they spend less time documenting. They are also able to communicate better and more effectively with parents using this portal.

3. BridgED

BridgED is a web-based application and a one-stop system for pre-school centres comprising features such as e-registration, e-portfolio, e-communication & alert system and other school daily affairs that allow teachers to be dedicated to teaching and learning in classrooms with a more centralised system.

4. Havence Portal LLP

The Havence school management system is a holistic answer to the challenges faced by modern educators. Reduce spending time on day-today administrative jobs and focus on what you do best- educating the kids by utilizing our preschool management software.

5. Taidii

The Taidii school management system integrates all parts of preschool administration. Features include asset management, e-stores, attendance, fee management, business intelligence, staff management and professional development, and handling the process from enquiry to enrollment

To sum it up

Having a dynamic school management system with real-time updates and precise data reports can render your school with next-level quickness in decision making by the management. Through its dynamic access rights mechanism the management of the staff, teachers, and students becomes extremely convenient and fast.

The academic & non-academic staff and activities are kept in sync and reduce the burden the management has to endeavor thus encouraging speed in communication hence, better productivity.

If you are still looking for a system that will work well for your school's operations, you can contact LittleLives to see how we can help!