Why Schools Should Change Their Manual Process and Opt for a School Management System

With more schools around the world adapting to technology as an integral part of their lifestyle, it is no surprise that the education arena is more accepting of technology. However, for schools that are still utilising manual ways to operate daily, they may find it difficult to adapt and change the way they run their schools.

Even to this day, plenty of schools are using manual processes to maintain records and student information. 

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why schools should switch to a digital school management software.

1. Taking Up Too Much Time

It is undeniable that manual processes of keeping record and information such as attendance-taking, writing report cards and logging in incidents can be very time consuming. It requires plenty of effort to update, and cannot be easily corrected in case of any mistakes. Additional efforts to maintain such processes eventually leads to a decrease in teacher’s work efficiency.

A school management system is designed to reduce time to accomplish such tasks. It efficiently increases work processes, makes retrieval easy and undo corrections fast. This way, schools save a significant amount of time and allow teachers to focus on what they do best; teach.

2. Unnecessary and Expensive Costs

Manual record keeping not only requires a lot of time, but schools can also incur unnecessary and expensive costs. There are expenses associated with printing, purchasing school supplies and documents. While on one hand it is expensive to purchase them, it can be costly to maintain them as well on the other hand. 

This is where school management software comes into play. While it can be an investment for many, it will indeed save up a huge amount of money when all information, documents and data can be stored digitally in a safe and secure platform.

3. Untimely Updates

While human error can be avoided, it is bound to happen to any teachers when PTA meetings are around the corner or when they are flooded with work. With manual record of observations and learning progress to prepare for such meetings, records and information written can be less accurate. In fact, these updates can be underwhelming as teachers have to rush written report cards in a short period of time. 

By using a digital school software, you can greatly reduce such errors and deliver information to parents in a timely manner, in a professional looking report card. Teachers save plenty of time as they need only to key in observations and grades and share with parents with a click of a button. 

4. Insecure Upkeep of Data 

Manual records made on paper can easily be destroyed by water or pests. These records can also be stolen and thus are insecure. Schools hold numerous important and private information of students, parents and teachers alike. It is only wise to ensure that they are stored securely and managed by only a few personnels. 

Attendance data, financial records, parents information and all school records can be digitally stored with a digital school management software. This way, school admins can easily extract them whenever necessary and any historical data is kept safely and securely.


Above are just some main reasons that schools around the world are rapidly moving towards a completely digital environment by ditching the conventional manual record keeping processes. 

Schools should also incorporate the digital school management software and take big strides in the direction of the new digital era. Feel free to check out LittleLives, the leading school management system and contact them to get first hand experience in transforming into a smart school.