Choosing the Right Preschool in a Post-Pandemic Era

We are facing a turning point in our COVID-19 journey. Across the world, there is a cautious optimism towards some semblance of normalcy. Borders have opened and so have our school doors. For parents of children who were toddlers in the thick of the pandemic, now’s the time to plan for their preschool education. 

How do parents prioritize safety and education? With the many preschools available, how can parents decide on the right preschool in times like these? 

Safe spaces

Safety and health are even more so a priority in these times. While schools may be loosening restrictions on safe distancing and perhaps even mask-up policies, they should still have policies in place to protect students from sickness. When preschool-hunting, think about these questions:

  • What safety measures are in place for students?
  • What processes are in place to ensure students’ safety from the moment they arrive until the time they go home?
  • What is the response mechanism in the event of various COVID-19 scenarios or other outbreaks?

A good preschool would have answers to the above questions. 


An intellectually stimulating environment

The preschool is so crucial to a child’s development. Children spend many hours with peers, teachers and under the influence of an early childhood education curriculum. Parents are of course keen for their children to become well-rounded individuals who are able to give back as much as they have gained, or perhaps more. 

Well-structured curricula, conducive and supervised learning spaces and qualified teachers can go a long way. When doing research, be sure to examine the entire school compound as well as the daily lesson structures. An education that addresses as many areas of a child’s development as possible would be ideal for their exposure. Another point to note is the skillset of the preschool staff. For example: 

  • Are teachers first-aid or CPR-certified? 
  • Are they certified in advanced aspects of early childhood education? 
  • What kind of approach do they take to learning and do they prioritize more than just the basics?


Trust your instincts

TLDR; do a vibe check. The first sensing you get of a place might very well be the right one. A sense of warmth, comfort and safety is a good sign. At the end of the day, while there may be many factors that make the right preschool right, parents and children will still feel anxiety. Especially in the early days, when there is uncertainty in leaving children in an unfamiliar environment after they have been kept safe at home for the last few years. However, choosing the right preschool would bring much peace of mind during the day. 

Hang in there, parents, it will be ok! To find out what other aspects of a preschool might make it a good fit during these times, visit LittleLives to learn about how a school management system can help!