How the Role of Fatherhood has Evolved

The past two years have been an era of change. In that spirit, this week, we want to explore how something fundamental to all our lives has changed – fatherhood. Today, fathers aren't "secondary caregivers" anymore. Arguably, everything about the nature of fatherhood has changed: their responsibilities, their relationship with their children, how society sees them, and more.

For this article, we interviewed fathers of preschool children from Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse and Little Footprints Preschool. They talked about how they view their parenting style and what they think has changed about fatherhood since their own fathers' time. On a cuter note, they also talked about how they hope to spend their Fathers Day this Sunday!

The image of a "typical father"

We've all seen the television trope of the clueless father: the father who forgets birthdays and doesn't seem to be all that concerned with his children's daily lives. His responsibilities as a parent end at putting food on the table. While this may have had some truth to it in previous decades, it's ultimately a caricature of a very complex parental role.

Fathers have always been more than just a one-dimensional money-making machine. And modern media and popular culture are catching up. We're lucky to see endearing and diverse images of fatherhood: from stay-at-home dads to double-working-parent households, to even traditional working-dad roles who make an effort to be involved!




Dads come in all shapes and sizes

Expectations of the role that a father takes up within the family have changed drastically too. Many of us from this generation of adults would relate to the fact that our fathers were (or tried to be) strict. Their word was final and they were the ones to deal with the consequences of childhood rule-breaking.

While our fathers did the best with their ideas of fatherhood, modern fathers are breaking out of that mould. We're learning more and more about how to effectively raise children, and parental roles are changing with these new discoveries. Fathers these days are less "authority figure" and more collaborative parent.





No matter how much the meaning of fatherhood changes through the years and generations, one thing stays the same: fathers just want the best for their kids. There's no one size fits all model for parenthood. So, dads, just trust that you're being the father you're meant to be, relax, and enjoy your special day!

Giving our Dads an extra hand

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