Inspiring us every day, is our LittleLives Angel, Su Aishah!

We’ve met a couple of our Angels (account managers) in the past, and let’s say hi to another one of our lovely team members, Su Aishah! 

Tell us a little about yourself! 

Good day, everyone! My name is Su Aishah, and I've recently been appointed Head of Angels! I enjoy creative activities and have dabbled with brush-lettering artwork myself. 

What did you do before joining LittleLives? 

I used to manage and produce live events such as stand-up comedy and concerts! My proudest production has got to be a double-artiste concert, with Indonesia's famous solo artiste, Afgan, and one of the longest running bands, Ungu, in Konsert Terunggul Afgan dan Ungu. 

Why did you join LittleLives? And more importantly, why did you stay in LittleLives?

LittleLives gave me an invaluable chance at a critical juncture in my life. The opportunity to learn is a never-ending cycle, and I enjoy seeing myself evolve and grow with my team and the company. 

In your own words, what is a creative way to describe your role as an Angel? 

With our little Angel wings, we “fly” around communicating with clients, lend a helping hand and guide them to successfully implement LittleLives into their schools. 

What's a typical day at work like for you? What professional skills do you get to flex when at work!

My typical day consists of system training and working on my personal work projects. One of my favourite tasks is creating presentations for reports and webinars! It’s a great chance to put my creative cap on to produce engaging and helpful material for clients. 

What do you most look forward to at LittleLives, now that safety measures are relaxing and people are out and about once again?

I would love to travel and visit our fellow teammates in different regions!

Have there been any weird / challenging moments at work? 

One of the most challenging moments was when the system had a 'down-time' causing quite a chaos. All hands were on deck to inform, assure and rectify the situation as fast as we can. And we did! 

Share your favorite quote / mantra and why it means so much to you!

From my favourite fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland - "It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then" resonates so well with how we evolve in our personal and professional growth.