Celebrating Halloween with Kids

Twas the night before Halloween, and all the creatures were stirring…the monsters and spooky fellas, witches and even the LittleLives team!

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Every October, we prepare for dark colours, scary legends, and wacky costumes. Come along with us on this haunting journey as we learn spooky facts and have fun with some eerie costumes!

Not Superstitious, but a Little-Stitious

Halloween is a season abundant in superstitions! This holiday is especially known for making us believe that bad luck is around every other corner.

Breaking a mirror could injure a person’s soul and bring them seven years of misfortune. On the flip side, knocking on wood can protect you from bad luck. These are some common symbols surrounding Halloween, that you might have heard of.

Black cats

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Black cats have gotten a bad reputation over the years as being the pets of witches. Seeing one of these felines on Halloween is a sign that a witch is nearby.


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Many people hate spiders all year round but they’re not too bad on Halloween! It is said that seeing a spider on this particular night means that the spirit of a loved one is watching over you.

Orange and Black

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Have you noticed that this colour combination is particularly common in Halloween decorations?

Orange symbolises the colours of the crops and the leaves changing colour as autumn approaches. Black, on the other hand, marks the ‘death’ of summer and the changing of the season.

Jack O' Lanterns

Celtic folklore tells the tale of a mean-spirited farmer named Jack. Jack had tricked the Devil so that he wouldn’t go to Hell once he died.

However, God wouldn’t allow a man of such poor character in Heaven either. So, he was banned from both Heaven and Hell, and fated to roam the Earth as a ghost for eternity. As a ghost, Jack carved a lantern out of a turnip to light his way in the afterlife.

In Ireland and Scotland, people began carving scary faces into turnips and placing them in windows and near doors to scare away wandering evil spirit. Pumpkins later became the common fruit of choice when this tradition reached America.

Halloween Costumes

A long time ago, people used to wear masks to confuse spirits. By ‘blending in’ with the dead, they thought they could be safe from the wandering spirits.

Today, while some kids still dress up as conventional ghosts and goblins, others choose to disguise themselves as those they admire. It’s not uncommon to spot a superhero or a politician look-alike amongst witches and warlocks on Halloween. It will be a fun little activity to discuss what your children want to dress up as, and DIY simple costumes.

Here are some printable masks you try out:


If you're planning to have a little get-together to show off your costumes, here are some Halloween-themed invitations cards to use:


For most of us, this ghostly time of the year signifies the beginning of the holiday season. It’s a time to kick back, enjoy the cool weather, and spend time with loved ones. We hope you have a wonderful Halloween, safe from the spooky monsters!

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