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What Parents Expect From Your School Management Software?
Ever consider a school management that could directly benefit parents and the school? Read on to find out what key functions parents expect from school management software.
Isabella Wong |  24 November 2021
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For Parents
Importance Of Day Care Center Exposure For Children
Mum, it’s natural to get anxiety pangs when sending your little one to daycare. But daycare for kids can be a great idea.
LittleLives |  29 October 2021
For Parents
How You Can Nurture Your Kids' Natural Talent Without Pressuring Them
Watching your kids twirl to a simple dance, tap to a beat and running their curious fingers across musical instruments would make you wonder what talents each child would hone. Some parents take it...
LittleLives |  26 October 2021
For Parents
How can Parents be More Involved in their Children’s School Life?
Your school-going children spend half their time on weekdays away from home, with their classmates and teachers. It may be hard to keep up with their lives especially if they do not openly share how...
Isabella Wong |  25 October 2021