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LittleVoices is a project to curate articles written by early childhood professionals. We want to connect big ideas with a wider community of educators. That involves asking bold questions and discussing issues close to our hearts.

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Choosing School Management Software: What to Look For
If teaching is the most important work you do in a school, then it makes sense to streamline the rest – admin work, parent communication, enrollment and student data management. That's exactly what a...
Elwyn Loh |  15 September 2021
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For Parents
Getting Preschoolers to Wear Masks
It might be a little trickier to get younger, preschool-aged children to wear masks. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help with that.
Menaka Arasu |  24 June 2021
For Parents
Motherhood Throughout History
Historically, mothers have moulded the world, whether it's by raising children or by taking the reigns themselves or both!
Menaka Arasu |  24 June 2021
For Parents
The Importance of Parent Involvement in Early Childhood Education
It's no surprise that parents play a huge role when it comes to their children's education. From choosing the right school to the type of curriculum, parents want to be involved. How vital is parent...
Bryan Koh |  30 April 2021